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TONY DEBUTED HIS FIRST ORIGINAL WORK IN 1997 … with Tony Marino & Havana Heat: The Latin Jazz Project.

Marino has been churning out album after album since, to critical acclaim … “Marino is one hell of a talented pianist” and his musicianship has been described as “flawless, skillful and captivating”.

Over the past several years, Marino has concentrated on composing and recording original music in the following genres: Samba, Bossa Nova, Frevo, Tango, Montuno, Bolero, Bop, Swing Funk, Rock, Calypso and Reggae.

The ability to capture listeners from other genres is a particular skill of Marino’s, “non-jazz fans may find plenty to love here”. Google Tony Marino and you will see positive review after positive review after positive review. That’s some serious kudos after fourteen albums; as one critic noted, “Tony Marino has lost none of his fire since his ’97 debut release”.

Tony Marino has generated a worldwide following over his double-decade career so far, as evidenced by international radio airplay and streaming.

To date, Tony Marino has released:

Feb 2022 – “Cold Pizza”

Jun 2021 – “Rhythm and Dues” ****Global Music Award

Jan 2021 – “Swing Your Thing” ****Global Music Award

Tony Marino album Swing Your Thing

May 2020 – “Que Pasa” ****Global Music Award

Que Pasa 2020

May 2019 – “Tango Silhouette” ****Global Music Award

Global WInner Tango SIlhouette

Jan 2019 – “Family and Friend” ****Global Music Award

Tony Marino's Family and Friends

Jan 2018 – “Thank You For The Music”

Thank You for the Music

Jan 2017 – “Sound Investment”

The album a Sound Investment

Mar 2016 – “Tony Marino 101”

101 by Tony Marino

Jan 2006 – “It’s Not That Complicated”

Tony Marino It's Not That Complicated

Jan 2005 – “5”

Tony Marino 5

Jan 2004 – “Broad Street”

Tony Marino album Broad Street

Jan 2003 – “Tony Marino’s Latin Jazz Sounds Fake Book”

Jan 2002 – “Samba De Say Party”

Tony Marino Samba De Say Party

Jan 1999 – “Note For Note”

Jan 1997 – “Tony Marino & Havana Heat: The Latin Jazz Project”

*** The albums Que Pasa & Tango Silhouette (described by one reviewer as “exquisite orchestrations“) both won Global Music awards. The song Gary, from Family and Friends (described as “superb, infectious and uplifting“) also won a Global Music Award.

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