Tony Marino

“The quintessential Latin jazz keyboardist” – is fifteen albums in and only getting stronger and stronger. Writing, composing and producing original music over the last two decades is no small feat.  However, it seems to be one that Tony Marino has seemingly pulled off – and with plenty of stellar reviews.

Growing up in South Philly …

a 7-year-old Tony heard Leon Russell and decided that he wanted to take piano lessons.  Unlike other 7-year-olds, Tony continued playing and eventually began studying, in his early teens, with pianist Bill DelGovenatore – who slowly but surely introduced Tony to the music of jazz legends, beginning with Thelonious Monk. 

While absorbing all he could from his lessons with Bill,  Tony was also working at a local music store – allowing him the privilege of meeting other jazz musicians such as Frank DiBussolo and Al Stauffer.  Eventually, Bill introduced Tony to Tom Lawton, another familiar Philadephia pianist.  Lawton became Tony’s last Philadelphia piano teacher. 

The final brick in Tony’s jazz wall was an introduction to Ernest (Hoppy) Hopkins; Tony credits all of these musicians as fueling his passion for music, especially jazz. Three guesses as to what happened next…

Tony debuted his first original work in 1997 …

with Tony Marino & Havana Heat: The Latin Jazz Project, He has been churning out album after album since, to critical acclaim.  Tony’s been called “one hell of a talented pianist” and his musicianship has been described as “flawless, skillful and captivating”. 

The ability to capture listeners from other genres is a particular skill of Tony’s, “non-jazz fans may find plenty to love here”.  Google Tony Marino and you will see positive review after positive review after positive review.  That’s some serious kudos after eleven albums; as one critic noted, “Tony Marino has lost none of his fire since his ’97 debut release”.

Tony Marino has generated a worldwide following over his double-decade career so far, as evidenced by international radio airplay and streaming.

Well, good news for music followers: Tony has released his newest cd Que Pasa (2020).

Que Pasa follows two cds released in 2019. Tango Silhouette – which won a Global Music award and was described by one reviewer as “exquisite orchestrations. Plus, Family and Friends – which was described as “superb, infectious and uplifting“. The song Gary, from Family and Friends, won a Global Music Award.

Rhythm and Dues and Swing Your Thing followed in 2021, both receiving Global Music awards.

February 2022 brings Cold Pizza, with 10 new songs dedicated to family and friends who have showed Tony kindness over his lifetime is now available on all major music platforms.

  • Hang In There is dedicated to all the people that have given Marino this piece of advice during the many struggles shared at work, school, sicknesses and simply getting through life in general.
  • In A Jam is a Reggae inspired by Marino’s honeymoon experience in Jamaica. This is dedicated to his wife. One day they decided to leave the resort on their own and had some trouble finding their way back.
  • Ellie is a ballad that is dedicated to Marino’s wife’s grandmother, Domenica “Ellie” Zinni, who was one of the most thoughtful and wonderful people that God put on our planet. Missed by all that knew her.
  • Strut Your Stuff is a frevo dedicated to everyone who worked hard and in spite of their circumstances, accomplished their goals.
  • Strictly Business is dedicated to all the great people that Marino worked with over the years who put their differences and problems aside to accomplish a task.
  • Taco Tuesday is dedicated to friends who met on Tuesdays to eat tacos, while Marino lived in the Santa Barbara area.
  • A-Bop-Te is a BeBop composition dedicated to Marino’s friend Greg Abate.
  • Conversations is a Tango dedicated to everyone willing to discuss differences of opinions and maintain respect before, during and after the conversation.
  • C Side Blues is a blues that is dedicated to all of the people that Marino played with at SOHO in Santa Barbara.

“At this point, I am dedicated to becoming a better musician and creating original music encompassing various forms of jazz specializing in Latin jazz and bop”, says Marino, and after listening to his latest offering I can only say that he’s hit the nail on the head, again.  But don’t take my word for it, see – or, rather, listen – for yourself.

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