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Tony has been playing the piano professionally from the age of 15 and writing, composing & recording original Latin Jazz compositions since the early ’90s. To date, he has released 11 cds. Read some of the cd reviews.

Cd reviews: Tango Silhouette

Reviewer:  LaserLife
Source: The Band Camp Diaries
Quote:In The Shadows is one of those tracks that really highlight Tony’s diverse approach. On this song, the melodic sensibilities are absolutely killer, making for a peculiar and one-of-a-kind arrangement. “

Source: Broken 8 Records
Quote: “An unmistakably good album, ‘Tango Silhouette’ proves Marino’s love for what he does, with every single piece of music coloured with its own unique character and sound. Cohesive in spirit and sound, Marino has managed to use his music to create his very own narrative, one that takes a look at his own family history in a way that feels so vibrant, real, and relatable. “

Cd reviews: Tango Silhouette

Reviewer:  Alex Faulkner
Source: The Faulkner Review
Quote: “In The Shadows has a swinging waltz-like rhythm and a brooding, almost ominous sounding melody which leads to some harmonically complex piano and interweaving accordion lines. This is one of the more musically complicated pieces on the album and showcases Tony’s unique skills as a composer and arranger. “

Reviewer:  Beach Sloth
Source: Entropy Magazine
Quote: “By far the true highlight of the entire album comes from Tony Marino’s incredible playing. Proving to have ample chops, he crafts absolutely stunning soundscapes. A great ear for melody is included within the album’s atmosphere. Refusing to completely bow to tradition however results in some rather joyful interludes.“

Cd reviews: Tango Silhouette

Reviewer:   Jer@SBS
Source: Sleeping Bag Studios
Quote: “What I like about “Sylvana Gene And Stella Tango Medley” ends up being a solid representation of what I generally liked about the majority of this album, which is that, Tango-inspired tunes they may be, but these are songs with authentic depth & dimension to them.“

Reviewer:   Rick Jamm
Source: Jamsphere
Quote: “Marino delivers the rhythms, the syncopations with emphasis on the offbeat, and the frequent use of melancholic minor keys, in a combination which is particularly distinctive of Tango’s qualities. In musical sensibility, Marino’s tango has a lot in common with jazz and classical music. Like Astor Piazzolla, Tony’s music is about innovation, the unexpected; the more you listen to it the more surprises and nuances it reveals. “

Cd reviews: Family and Friends

Reviewer: The Widows Peak Bandit
Source: Rating Games & Music
Quote: “Tony Marino’s “Family & Friends” is a beautifully crafted body of work that takes all forms of Jazz to the next level. ”
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Reviewer:  LaserLife
Source: The Band Camp Diaries
Quote: “Tony Marino is ready to kick-start the new year with a bang that’s bigger than the fireworks on New Year’s Eve!”
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Cd reviews: Thank You for the Music

Reviewer:  Warlock Asylum
Source:  Warlock Asylum International News
Quote:  “… Thank You for the Music is a masterpiece. The album’s organic flavor and professional approach results in nothing less than perfection.”
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Reviewer:  Rebecca Cullen
Quote:  “experimental, unstoppable arrangement of notes brings about the most positive of emotions – it feels like sadness would be an impossible thing to feel.”
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Cd reviews:  A Sound Investment

Reviewer:  Rick Jamm
Quote:  “very solid keyboardist who I admire greatly for his broad knowledge of chords and progressions that are contemporary yet very tasteful and timely.”
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Reviewer: Dave Franklin
Source: Dancing About Architecture
Quote:  “Jazz fans will appreciate the dexterity of playing …. everyone will find something to love in a collection of musical soundscapes … ”
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Reviewer:  iamchxn
Source:  independent reviewer
Quote: “Rarely do artist completely change the direction of sound— and do it as effortlessly as composer “Tony Marino.”
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Reviewer:  Justyn Brodsky
Quote: “Marino‘s tracks are groovy, and driven with a classic lineup of a trio of instruments that all blend together in a way that makes Jazz the dynamic genre that is.”
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Reviewer:  Tunedloud Staff
Quote: “… an unequivocal masterpiece.”
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Cd reviews:  101

Reviewer:  Brett Stewart
Source:  Tilting Windmill Studios
Quote: “… clearly a labor of love. Marino should tout it proudly because it’s an accessible, but tactfully deep series of songs that define his sound as a jazz pianist.”
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Reviewer:  Buddy Nelson
Quote: “Marino carves out a place for himself that is uniquely his own.”
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Cd reviews:  It’s Not That Complicated

Reviewer:  Derek Blackmon
Source:  Indie 2006
Quote: “Perfect for that Saturday dinner party, Sunday brunch or just about any time there’s a martini and a chaise lounge nearby.”

Cd reviews:  Broad Street

Reviewer:  By Jason Hoffman
Source:  WhatzUp Magazine 2003
Quote:“As in past albums the songs exhibit a strong sense of songwriting prowess with broad enough appeal to tickle the ear of more than just die-hard jazz aficionados.”

Cd reviews:  Samba De Say Party

Reviewer:  Kevin Hiatt
Source:  WhatzUp Magazine 2001
Quote: “… an accomplished composer, arranger, and improviser throughout this self-produced project. His songs are tightly arranged instrumentals featuring a variety of instruments.”

Reviewer:  Lee Prosser
Source: 2001
Quote: ” Marino combines Latin styles with enough glitzy funk to fuel several parties.”

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