Cd Reviews and Interviews:

Tony has been playing the piano professionally from the age of 15 and writing, composing & recording original Latin Jazz compositions since the early ’90s. To date, he has released 20 cds. Read some of the cd reviews and Tony’s interviews.

Original Piano Pieces [2023]

Reviewer: Kay Matthews
Source: Vocal.Media
Quote:  “However, it’s a pleasure to experience and get inside Tony’s head a bit. For example, the names of the songs, give me some sort of starting point. A place to start and explore the music from a certain point, which puts me in an intentional listening mode. Such diverse combinations leave you falling in love with the music. He speaks through the piano in such an understandable way, yet so abstract, and touches the listener’s emotional depth.”

Reviewer: Jer@SBS
Source: Sleeping Bags Studios
Quote:  “Tony’s always got a remarkable amount of creativity and technique on display that makes his melodies excellent to listen to…”

Cold Pizza [2022]

Reviewer: Jacob Aiden
Source: Jamsphere
Quote: “All throughout “Cold Pizza”Tony Marino has leaned further toward creating funky rhythms the listener can groove to, while at the same time successfully managing to be energetic, thoughtful, variegated and spontaneous. Marino displays laudable song craft and impeccable musicianship, while making an overt effort to be a comprehensible storyteller. This latter element being an extraordinary feat, considering the music is wholly instrumental.”

Rhythm and Dues [2021]

Reviewer: Buddy Nelson
Source: Jamsphere
Quote: “Within the whole of the album there is a living, breathing organic spirit behind it. A clear ear for melody takes shape and the flow of the work feels so poignant. Purely instrumental the dexterity of the arrangements comes from the tremendous flexibility On this album it again becomes clear how Tony Marino has continued to establish himself as a musician with a unique sound and style. What is certain is that Marino is an uncompromising composer, whose conception of melody, harmony and rhythm, is at the center of his compositions. Great music and great musicians delivering great performances, topped off with outstanding production, make “Rhythm and Dues” a favorite of mine and versatility of the sound itself. Done to perfection, there is a dreamy scope to it, one that appears to be infinitely catchy as well. Over the course of the entire album a narrative of sorts takes shape all without needing to say a single word.“

Reviewer: Beach Sloth
Source: Entropy
Quote: “Within the whole of the album there is a living, breathing organic spirit behind it. A clear ear for melody takes shape and the flow of the work feels so poignant. Purely instrumental the dexterity of the arrangements comes from the tremendous flexibility and versatility of the sound itself. Done to perfection, there is a dreamy scope to it, one that appears to be infinitely catchy as well. Over the course of the entire album a narrative of sorts takes shape all without needing to say a single word.“

Swing Your Thing [2021]

Reviewer: Artist Reach
Quote: Swing Your Thing” is the follow-up record to Tony Marino‘s three Global Award winning albums and is comprised of ten visceral fresh tracks with versatile angles throughout the record’s duration, its albums like “Swing Your Thing” that truly delve into an artist’s musicianship factors and artistic merit.“

Reviewer: Quincy
Quote: “It’s clear as day that Tony Marino is one of the BEST Latin Jazz artists/composers on this planet. With the release of Swing Your Thing, he will convince you that he’s also one of the most VERSATILE Latin Jazz artists, too. Throughout the album, he toys with all kinds of vibes, musical styles, tempos, and more. He also finds unique ways to tell stories through his music without using words. All in all, Swing Your Thing is a truly delightful body-of-work.

Reviewer: Katrina Charles
Quote:Swing Your Thing is an incredibly crafted collection of songs that showcase Tony Marino’s knowledge and understanding of jazz, Latin jazz, and music as a whole. With expert musicianship, satisfying cohesion, and a flare for the unexpected, this release truly exemplifies Marino’s ability to craft engaging, exciting music that will make you, for lack of a more fitting term, swing your thing.“

Que Pasa [2020]

Reviewer: Rick Jamm
Source: Jamsphere
Quote: “Throughout the twelve albums released over 20 years, the sound of Tony Marino’s powerful ensemble leaves no doubt: his blend of Latin-inspired jazz has the capacity to excite, to thrill, and to deliver inspiring music. The ensemble parts are bright, strong, and dynamic while the soloing is minimal but exceptional in its economical spots with percussion bubbling and percolating throughout. This is why Marino stimulates such powerful empathy in all kinds of audiences. He never gets lost in meaningless meandering on his instrument, hence holding the attention of the listener throughout any of his compositions. He defies those who easily dismiss jazz music as sounding laboriously egocentric in its overlong doodling.“

Reviewer:  JER@SBS
Source: Sleeping Bag Studios
Quote: “The more adventurous Tony has been on this record, the better the results in my opinion – he’s revealed a superhuman amount of accessible sound in the least typical genre you’d probably assume to find it all in…but there’s simply no denying how much this all works and how addictive Que Pasa is. “

Tango Silhouette [2019]

Reviewer:  Tanbay
Source: steemit
Quote:The final song on this amazing album by Tony Marino is called ‘That’s it’ and it starts off with a very serious piano intro that sounds very good to me and once again it becomes obvious that this musician is very skilled when it comes to playing the piano and writing outstanding music.

Reviewer:  Amelia Vandergast
Source: A&R Factory
Quote:With The Layback Tango; just one of the tracks you’ll find on Tony Marino’s 2019 album “Tango Silhouette”, there’s an exotically alluring sensibility behind the instrumental track which ebbs and flows through experimental arrangements. Expect chaotic piano keying, arrangements which run with feverous passion, and some which sound like the sound effects of falling down an aural rabbit hole.

Reviewer:  LaserLife
Source: The Band Camp Diaries
Quote:In The Shadows is one of those tracks that really highlight Tony’s diverse approach. On this song, the melodic sensibilities are absolutely killer, making for a peculiar and one-of-a-kind arrangement. “

Source: Broken 8 Records
Quote: “An unmistakably good album, ‘Tango Silhouette’ proves Marino’s love for what he does, with every single piece of music coloured with its own unique character and sound. Cohesive in spirit and sound, Marino has managed to use his music to create his very own narrative, one that takes a look at his own family history in a way that feels so vibrant, real, and relatable. “

Reviewer:  Alex Faulkner
Source: The Faulkner Review
Quote: “In The Shadows has a swinging waltz-like rhythm and a brooding, almost ominous sounding melody which leads to some harmonically complex piano and interweaving accordion lines. This is one of the more musically complicated pieces on the album and showcases Tony’s unique skills as a composer and arranger. “

Reviewer:  Beach Sloth
Source: Entropy Magazine
Quote: “By far the true highlight of the entire album comes from Tony Marino’s incredible playing. Proving to have ample chops, he crafts absolutely stunning soundscapes. A great ear for melody is included within the album’s atmosphere. Refusing to completely bow to tradition however results in some rather joyful interludes.“

Reviewer:   Jer@SBS
Source: Sleeping Bag Studios
Quote: “What I like about “Sylvana Gene And Stella Tango Medley” ends up being a solid representation of what I generally liked about the majority of this album, which is that, Tango-inspired tunes they may be, but these are songs with authentic depth & dimension to them.“

Reviewer:   Rick Jamm
Source: Jamsphere
Quote: “Marino delivers the rhythms, the syncopations with emphasis on the offbeat, and the frequent use of melancholic minor keys, in a combination which is particularly distinctive of Tango’s qualities. In musical sensibility, Marino’s tango has a lot in common with jazz and classical music. Like Astor Piazzolla, Tony’s music is about innovation, the unexpected; the more you listen to it the more surprises and nuances it reveals. “

Family and Friends [2022]

Reviewer: The Widows Peak Bandit
Source: Rating Games & Music
Quote: “Tony Marino’s “Family & Friends” is a beautifully crafted body of work that takes all forms of Jazz to the next level. ”
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Reviewer:  LaserLife
Source: The Band Camp Diaries
Quote: “Tony Marino is ready to kick-start the new year with a bang that’s bigger than the fireworks on New Year’s Eve!”
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Thank You for the Music [2018]

Reviewer:  Warlock Asylum
Source:  Warlock Asylum International News
Quote:  “… Thank You for the Music is a masterpiece. The album’s organic flavor and professional approach results in nothing less than perfection.”
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Reviewer:  Rebecca Cullen
Quote:  “experimental, unstoppable arrangement of notes brings about the most positive of emotions – it feels like sadness would be an impossible thing to feel.”
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A Sound Investment [2017]

Reviewer:  Rick Jamm
Quote:  “very solid keyboardist who I admire greatly for his broad knowledge of chords and progressions that are contemporary yet very tasteful and timely.”
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Reviewer: Dave Franklin
Source: Dancing About Architecture
Quote:  “Jazz fans will appreciate the dexterity of playing …. everyone will find something to love in a collection of musical soundscapes … ”
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Reviewer:  iamchxn
Source:  independent reviewer
Quote: “Rarely do artist completely change the direction of sound— and do it as effortlessly as composer “Tony Marino.”
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Reviewer:  Justyn Brodsky
Quote: “Marino‘s tracks are groovy, and driven with a classic lineup of a trio of instruments that all blend together in a way that makes Jazz the dynamic genre that is.”
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Reviewer:  Tunedloud Staff
Quote: “… an unequivocal masterpiece.”
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101 [2016]

Reviewer:  Brett Stewart
Source:  Tilting Windmill Studios
Quote: “… clearly a labor of love. Marino should tout it proudly because it’s an accessible, but tactfully deep series of songs that define his sound as a jazz pianist.”
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Reviewer:  Buddy Nelson
Quote: “Marino carves out a place for himself that is uniquely his own.”
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It’s Not That Complicated [2006]

Reviewer:  Derek Blackmon
Source:  Indie 2006
Quote: “Perfect for that Saturday dinner party, Sunday brunch or just about any time there’s a martini and a chaise lounge nearby.”

Broad Street [2003]

Reviewer:  By Jason Hoffman
Source:  WhatzUp Magazine 2003
Quote:“As in past albums the songs exhibit a strong sense of songwriting prowess with broad enough appeal to tickle the ear of more than just die-hard jazz aficionados.”

Samba De Say Party  [2001]

Reviewer:  Kevin Hiatt
Source:  WhatzUp Magazine 2001
Quote: “… an accomplished composer, arranger, and improviser throughout this self-produced project. His songs are tightly arranged instrumentals featuring a variety of instruments.”

Reviewer:  Lee Prosser
Source: 2001
Quote: ” Marino combines Latin styles with enough glitzy funk to fuel several parties.”