Tony Marino

  pianist, band leader & composer of original latin jazz music


CD: A Sound Investment
SOURCE: Jamsphere (
QUOTE: Headline -” Tony Marino: “A Sound Investment” – the quintessential Latin Jazz keyboardist”.  Tony Marino as usual does it again. He is one artist I anticipate his next project to be launched. A very solid keyboardist who I admire greatly for his broad knowledge of chords and progressions that is contemporary yet very tasteful and timely. A strong rhythmic vibe enriched by beautiful choice of chords and his signature runs or licks that seals the deal. Tony Marino is becoming the quintessential Latin jazz keyboardist for his era. Marino’s synth programming and keyboard playing are very groovy and likely to have your head nodding to the tunes. I played it on repeat a few times when I heard it the first time, and then stopped because I do not want this stuff to get old!”

CD: A Sound Investment
REVIEWER: Justyn Brodsky
SOURCE: ArtistReach (
QUOTE: “Marino‘s tracks are groovy, and driven with a classic lineup of a trio of instruments that all blend together in a way that makes Jazz the dynamic genre that is. The instrumental trio being Piano as the lead instrument, with a zoot-suit rhythm section of Standup Bass and a very basic, yet highly effective 3-piece Drum setup. . .”

CD: A Sound Investment
REVIEWER: iamchxn
SOURCE: independent reviewer, professional music producer/ engineer and A&R indie and major labels
QUOTE: “Rarely do artist completely change the direction of sound— and do it as effortlessly as composer “Tony Marino.”  His latest project; a full length CD entitled, “Sound Inve$tment,” was so much more than I anticipated. I expected jazz but instead I got a captivating trip through a variety of beautiful sounds…”

CD: 101
REVIEWERBrett Stewart 
SOURCE: Tilting Windmill Studios – the Independent Spotlight
QUOTE: “Tony Marino is one hell of a talented pianist. His compositions are fresh, consistently interesting, and dynamic. ‘101’ is clearly a labor of love. Marino should tout it proudly, because it’s an accessible, but tactfully deep series of songs that define his sound as a jazz pianist. Plus, I concur with his own assessment of his music – non-jazz fans may find plenty to love here.”

CD: 101
REVIEWER: Buddy Nelson
SOURCE: JamSphere (
QUOTE: “Tony Marino has lost none of his fire since his ’97 debut release. Combining an approach that draws from the masters of 20th century jazz piano and even younger players, Marino carves out a place for himself that is uniquely his own.”

CD: It’s Not That Complicated
REVIEWER: Derek Blackmon
SOURCE: Indie 2006
QUOTE: “Perfect for that Saturday dinner party, Sunday brunch or just about anytime there’s a martini and a chaise lounge nearby.”

CD: Broad Street
REVIEWER: By Jason Hoffman
SOURCE: WhatzUp Magazine 2003
QUOTE: “As in past albums the songs exhibit a strong sense of songwriting prowess with broad enough appeal to tickle the ear of more than just die-hard jazz aficionados.”

CD: Samba De Say Party
REVIEWER: Kenin Hiatt
SOURCE: WhatzUp Magazine 2001
QUOTE: “Tony Marino shows himself to be an accomplished composer, arranger and improviser throughout this self-produced project. His songs are tightly arranged instrumentals featuring a variety of instruments.”

CD: Samba De Say Party
REVIEWER: Lee Prosser
SOURCE: 2001
QUOTE: ” In December 2000 Tony released Samba De Say Party. This CD is Brazilian Jazz with most of the songs Sambas. Marino combines Latin styles with a enough glitzy funk to fuel several parties.”