Swing Your Thing (Big Band Version)

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Cd reviews: Swing Your Thing

Reviewer: Artist Reach
Source: artistreachofficial.com
Quote: ““Swing Your Thing” is the follow-up record to Tony Marino‘s three Global Award winning albums and is comprised of ten visceral fresh tracks with versatile angles throughout the record’s duration, its albums like “Swing Your Thing” that truly delve into an artist’s musicianship factors and artistic merit.“

Reviewer: Quincy
Source: ratingsgamemusic.com
Quote: “It’s clear as day that Tony Marino is one of the BEST Latin Jazz artists/composers on this planet. With the release of Swing Your Thing, he will convince you that he’s also one of the most VERSATILE Latin Jazz artists, too. Throughout the album, he toys with all kinds of vibes, musical styles, tempos, and more. He also finds unique ways to tell stories through his music without using words. All in all, Swing Your Thing is a truly delightful body-of-work.

Reviewer: Katrina Charles
Source: mysound4music.medium.com
Quote: “Swing Your Thing is an incredibly crafted collection of songs that showcase Tony Marino’s knowledge and understanding of jazz, Latin jazz, and music as a whole. With expert musicianship, satisfying cohesion, and a flare for the unexpected, this release truly exemplifies Marino’s ability to craft engaging, exciting music that will make you, for lack of a more fitting term, swing your thing.“