Cd reviews: Que Pasa

Reviewer:  Rick Jamm
Source: Jamsphere
Quote: “Throughout the twelve albums released over 20 years, the sound of Tony Marino’s powerful ensemble leaves no doubt: his blend of Latin-inspired jazz has the capacity to excite, to thrill, and to deliver inspiring music. The ensemble parts are bright, strong, and dynamic while the soloing is minimal but exceptional in its economical spots with percussion bubbling and percolating throughout. This is why Marino stimulates such powerful empathy in all kinds of audiences. He never gets lost in meaningless meandering on his instrument, hence holding the attention of the listener throughout any of his compositions. He defies those who easily dismiss jazz music as sounding laboriously egocentric in its overlong doodling.“

Reviewer:  JER@SBS
Source: Sleeping Bag Studios
Quote: “The more adventurous Tony has been on this record, the better the results in my opinion – he’s revealed a superhuman amount of accessible sound in the least typical genre you’d probably assume to find it all in…but there’s simply no denying how much this all works and how addictive Que Pasa is. “