Tony Marino introduces a brand new studio release: Swing Your Thing

January 2021 – Composer & Pianist, Tony Marino

set out to kickstart his year with a big band, and one of his most exciting recording projects to date. The artist recently announced the release of his new studio effort, “Swing Your Thing.”

This release stands out as a one-of-a-kind example of Tony’s incredible versatility as a recording artist and jazz composer, while also incorporating a wider range of influences into the album. The ten songs do indeed explore influences as diverse as fusion, Latin, world-music, and so much more.

The album kicks off with the title track itself,

which is a joyful, upbeat jazz number with a nice swing and a classic sound. Enjoy how the sound of the drums has a nice modern feel to it, especially the toms, which have a cool resonance, making them more special. The piano has a bit of a bluesy touch to it, making the song all the more special and impactful.

The song Quite Frankly is another track that leans towards the most traditional side of jazz, while “Matthew’s Samba” features a charming Latin flavor that adds so much warmth to the album.

The fourth song, My Ladies, is a very nice number, which highlights Tony’s passion for intricate, yet seamless and memorable arrangements. The song has a really cool intro, and it delves into a melodic arrangement with a zesty and articulate tone.

Fatherly Advice features, what may become, your favorite saxophone parts on the entire release, along with the articulation of the brass section in general!

Biagio kicks off with a steady four-on-the-floor kick drum pattern, and the beat has a bit of an Afro-beat vibe, with some cool polyrhythms paving the way to an amazing sound and a cool twist with a fusion influence.

Hoppy is one of the most playful songs on the album, a long with A Jam For Paquito, another number with a bit of a Latin jazz flavor. As Good As It Gets stays true to its title with a fantastic arrangement and a spot-on composition, while Blues For Claudio serves as a perfect conclusion to a fantastic album.

Swing Your Thing follows three Global Award winning albums …

Que Pasa (2020) described as “the kind of music with the uniqueness, skill, and sound, you come back to”, Tango Silhouette (2019) with it’s “exquisite orchestrations“. Plus, Family and Friends (2019) – said to be “superb, infectious and uplifting“.