Tango Improvisations – [June 17, 2024]

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Tony Marino, a versatile Latin jazz pianist, composer, and recording engineer, has impressed a diverse audience with his 21st album release. His ability to continuously captivate listeners, not exclusively jazz aficionados, demonstrates his musical prowess and adaptability across genres.

Over the past two decades, Marino has cultivated an impressive body of work, earning praise for his original music. Despite his success, Marino stays humble, attributing his artistry to his experiences living in different corners of the United States and his dedication to learning from music masters.

In 2019, Marino’s Tango Silhouette, an homage to his Argentinian heritage, secured a Global Music Award, solidifying his place in the industry.

Now, with his latest release, “Tango Improvisations,” Marino showcases his musical depth through a compelling tracklist featuring songs like “What a Wonderful Evening” and “Espresso,” promising another enriching musical experience for his loyal followers and new listeners alike.

  • What a Wonderful Evening
  • First Time Lover
  • Festival for a Friend
  • Oh Yeah
  • Fine
  • Let’s Go to Dinner
  • Espresso
  • See You Soon
  • Midnight
  • Maybe Next Time
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