Original Piano Pieces by Tony Marino

My wife suggested for me to do this album many years ago.

I finally wrote 12 completely new original piano compositions … added 2 remixed songs and re-recorded 2 of my favorite songs.

  • “Good Morning” is inspired by best friend & breakfast buddy … my wife, Kris.
  • “Tangoed Up” is a tango that is part of my heritage.
  • “Stephanie’s Waltz” was created for our daughter who was having surgery when she was a year old.
  • “Ellie” is dedicated to our grandmother.
  • “What A Beautiful Day” was inspired by all the wonderful days that the Lord has given us.
  • “Bopping Around” was inspired by my three early mentors: Bill DelGovenatore, Tom Lawton and Ernie Hopkins.
  • “It’s Five O’Clock” is written in 5/4. It was inspired by all the times I got to go home to my family after a hard day’s work.
  • “On Hold” is written for all the times we are put on hold.
  • “Kristina” is dedicated to my wife.
  • “I Love Being With You” is dedicated to my wife and best friend Kris.
  • “Dad’s Mustang” is dedicated to the memory of my father.
  • “Cardinal Drive” was inspired by the visits we had with my n-laws after our son was born.
  • “Why” was inspired by a personal tragedy that happed many years ago.
  • “Stephie’s Song” is dedicated to our daughter.
  • “Passyunk Ave” was inspired by my childhood memories growing up in South Philly.
  • “Finally” is the last composition that I wrote to complete this projects after 14 months in the making.
  •  “Kristina” and “Stephanie’s Waltz” have been remixed from previous released CD’s. “Ellie” and “Stephie’s Song” were rerecorded for this project.

This album is dedicated to my wife and best friend Kristina.

Release Date: January 9, 2023