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From a young age in South Philly, Tony Marino’s love for music blossomed under the influence of iconic musicians such as Leon Russell, Marc Benno, and Thelonious Monk. Guided by mentors like Bill DelGovenatore, Tom Lawton, and Ernie Hopkins in Philadelphia, Marino’s passion for music grew into a remarkable career.

His dedication and artistry can be seen through his professional endeavors with bands like Idea ’71 in the ’70s, Tony Marino Latin Jazz Sounds [originally Tony Marino & Havana Heat] in the 90s, followed by his 19 albums featuring original, instrumental, jazz, Latin Jazz, and world music.

Moving from Philly to New Jersey, Indiana, and California before settling in Indiana, Marino’s compositions are rich with diverse influences and experiences.

With a flair for Latin styles like samba, bossa nova, and tango, Marino’s works have garnered critical acclaim and global recognition, including winning Global Music Awards for albums like Tango Silhouette and Family and Friends. Marino’s commitment to honoring jazz legends through his music, as seen in his album Thank You for The Music, showcases his gratitude and homage to the greats who inspired him.

Tony Marino released 3 albums in 2023, Original Piano Pieces, Low Keyed, and World Music Blues, further captivating audiences with his unique blend of creativity and talent.

Although 2023 started off on a musical note, a serious injury caused by a neighbor’s unleashed 75-pound pup resulted in a torn left bicep in early June 2023 and would delay any further projects for the year and into 2024. The road to recovery, from surgery to months of therapy, was extremely painful and challenging but filled with determination.

Before the incident, Marino had already started working on a few songs. However, it was during a set back in his physical therapy, where he discovered the transformative power of the Taubman Method designed for injured pianists.

Now, after months of dedication and perseverance, Marino is thrilled to unveil his collection of 10 original compositions. These musical creations not only showcase his talent but also radiate positivity and tranquility. Despite the setbacks, the music was a beacon of light through the pain and difficulties.

Marino dedicates Friday Night, his 20th album to date, to all that helped him through this difficult period of time … his team of doctors, physical therapist, and his wife.

Marino shares the backstory of the songs he wrote prior to his injury.

• The song Friday Night reflects my anticipation of returning home to my loved ones for a relaxing weekend together.

• Understanding is a heartfelt dedication to my wife, a pillar of support and love for our family.

• The 8th track on this album, 69 North, draws inspiration from the countless hours I’ve spent journeying along this highway, a route we’ve taken regularly ever since settling in Fort Wayne back in 1995.

… and the songs Marino composed for the album while undergoing rehabilitation:

• The transitions in Change of Guard from Tango to Samba to swing and back to Tango is like a journey through different phases, reminding me of the ever-changing nature of life.

• The inspiration behind It Depends stemmed from the necessity of adaptability in planning. Various unforeseen factors, such as the circumstances surrounding my injury and its lasting effects on our daily lives, can greatly influence our plans.

• I decided to honor our dear uncle by dedicating the song Uncle George’s to him, as he will forever remain in our hearts. His epic 4th of July parties were always brimming with fun, making unforgettable memories for all who partook in the celebrations.

• Growing up in Philadelphia was the driving force behind the creation of Vine Street.

• Dedicated to the memory of the talented bassist Carl Radle, who tragically passed away at the young age of 37, Hey Carl holds a special place in my heart. At the age of 11, I purchased a single ticket to see Leon Russell perform at the Philadelphia Spectrum.

Eager to secure a prime spot near the stage, I arrived early and managed to position myself right by the piano. As I waited, Carl Radle, Leon’s bassist, appeared on stage to check his equipment. Spotting him, I enthusiastically called out “HEY CARL” at the top of my lungs. He glanced over, I waved, he reciprocated, and then he exited the stage. About two hours later the show started. When Carl walked on stage, he looked over at me waved and smiled. I was so happy; he made my day. This song is dedicated to the memory of Carl Dean Radle. RIP Carl.

• The song Dinner’s Ready is a heartfelt tribute to my wife, who lovingly announces this phrase to me each day before I enjoy one of her delectable meals that she has been preparing for nearly 40 years.

• After all the excitement, it’s time to end the day. Buonanotte is the Italian way to say goodnight. This is for everyone who needs a peaceful night’s sleep.

Tony Marino eagerly anticipates your enjoyment of this album, Friday Night, as much as he cherished creating these fresh and unique compositions.

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