Tony Marino

  pianist, band leader & composer of original latin jazz music

NEW RELEASE: A Sound Investment by Tony Marino

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A Sound Investment by Tony Marino (released 2/15/17)

“Marino‘s tracks are groovy, and driven with a classic lineup of a trio of instruments that all blend together in a way that makes Jazz the dynamic genre that is. The instrumental trio being Piano as the lead instrument, with a zoot-suit rhythm section of Standup Bass and a very basic, yet highly effective 3-piece Drum setup. . .”

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“Rarely do artist completely change the direction of sound— and do it as effortlessly as composer “Tony Marino.”  His latest project; a full length CD entitled, “Sound Inve$tment,” was so much more than I anticipated. I expected jazz but instead I got a captivating trip through a variety of beautiful sounds…”

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