Tony Marino

  pianist, band leader & composer of original latin jazz music

Iamchxn reviews Tony Marino’s “A Sound Investment”

Tony Marino “Sound Inve$tment” Rarely do artist completely change the direction of sound— and do it as effortlessly as composer “Tony Marino.” His latest project; a full length CD entitled, “Sound Inve$tment,” was so much more than I anticipated. I expected jazz but instead I got a captivating trip through a variety of beautiful sounds.

Baiao Rhythms,” enters with a coy staccato flute, which playfully dances throughout the entire track sending the listener into a musical frenzy. The drum cadence, in its simplicity sets a perfect mystical effect; coupled with some original indigenous baiao sounds and Tony’s personal touch create a layered but dynamic undertone of rich Caribbean flavor.

Goleta,” is an amazingly rhythmic song, the instrumentation on this track is put together so well it’s hard to determine the best part. The song employs a wide range of orchestrated sounds, dancing from subtle continental jazz influenced patterns, to funk infused cymbals, and then back to whimsical woodwinds; yielding harmonious moments of both beauty and tension.

While “Don’t Look At Me That Way,” is a funk filled jazzy number. It’s nostalgic but new, the song is backed with a low but balanced bass line, the horns groove from the beginning to the end of the track and I get a definite 80’s vibe from the tune. It’s funky. Overall this is definitely a solid project; a refreshing glass of water in the somewhat cottonmouth sound we are slowing becoming accustomed to hearing more and more these days.

Source:  Independent Reviewer Posted By: Iamchxn (February 14, 2017)