Tony Marino

  pianist, band leader & composer of original latin jazz music


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CD: 101
REVIEWERBrett Stewart 
SOURCE: Tilting Windmill Studios – the Independent Spotlight
QUOTE: “Tony Marino is one hell of a talented pianist. His compositions are fresh, consistently interesting, and dynamic. ‘101’ is clearly a labor of love. Marino should tout it proudly, because it’s an accessible, but tactfully deep series of songs that define his sound as a jazz pianist. Plus, I concur with his own assessment of his music – non-jazz fans may find plenty to love here.”

CD: 101
REVIEWER: Buddy Nelson
SOURCE: JamSphere (
QUOTE: “Tony Marino has lost none of his fire since his ’97 debut release. Combining an approach that draws from the masters of 20th century jazz piano and even younger players, Marino carves out a place for himself that is uniquely his own.”


SONG: Kristina

Rating: 9 I like the way the piano is introduced in the intro of the song, and the instrumental loops are on point. The song could use some lyrics, because it feels like the beat never ends, it is just very repetitive. Ireally felt the producer did a good job with mixing the track together, the piano really blends in with the song very well.

Rating: 9 This piece has a some good instrumental to it. I think it could be cut a little short because it is mostly just repeating. I enjoy the piano in the background adding a little touch and kind of keeping everything on tempo. The instruments play well together but not as good as they could.

Rating: 9 The Song Makes You think of being somewhere taking it easy. Love how The Pianist just gets into playing. Reminds me of Classical Music at its Best. The Melody and the Tune are in tune. People who love to sit back and just relax would definitely Love this

Rating: 9 This song has a very nice piano opening and the tune to the song sounds really good. I like how the musician was able to keep a great pace on the piano keys that makes it sound very up beat and makes you feel very happy.

Rating: 10 the beginning caught my attention instantly. Like instrumental music and this could possibly be one of my new favorites. its very relaxing and calming to listen to.The sound is clear and the production of this song was well thought out. If you need calming or just a nap i recommend this.

Rating: 10 I really love the piano in the beginning.Already it make the song seem joyful and up beat. The piano was definitely used to its absolute fullest potential and it sounds great. Really great song for those who like to listen to up beat piano songs. It sounds like it was recorded with great quality stuff. The ending was great too.

SONG: Samba Time

Rating: 9 This song reminds me of many of original songs like The salsa. It has a amazing rhythmic structure and is very upbeat , cheerful and up-beat.Production is clear and well executed making it almost perfect piece, On the contrary there are no musical vocals or even a chorus-if this song were to be edited i would add a couple punchy lines of lyrics just to give the song some more vocal-ism.Structure is done cleanly with many of the instruments stopping at the right times and playing the arrangements repeats again.

Rating: 9 Makes me want to do the Salsa! Again I wish it had some vocals here to add more mood to it. The beat is right on though.Very nice piano solo it sounds quit groovy.So the song overall I say 100! Amazing talent here. Good job

Rating: 9 This song makes me want to dance! I think the piano goes well with the beat. The beat is simple enough to not take away from the song, but still adds its own bit of flair. This I could see being played in a classy restaurant or a dancing club.

Rating: 8 The song has a calm, relaxing tone which draws in the listener. The instrumentals are simple and warm. The transitions in the instrumental rhythm is very appealing. I love the zest in the music. This song would be great with lyrics and can stand on its own as dance music.